Feel like your leasing game could use a little tune up? Keep getting beaten to all the hot properties? Then have we got the session for you! Come to Realty Round Up October 15 for Jim Smith and Rick Ebert’s expose on all things leasing, “Fast Money in Leasing.”

Leasing in Austin can be tricky. Whether you’re a property manager, REALTOR® or consumer, leasing opportunities are a hot commodity in the city — and it shows. Properties go fast, with the blistering speed of business making small details all that more crucial: An unticked box or mislabeled form might be all that separates winning the day from going home empty handed.

That’s why Jim Smith and Rick Ebert are here to tell you everything you need to know to lease your way to the top of the Austin market. They’ll cover best practices, insider tips and things to avoid, with particular attention paid to how property managers and leasing agents can work together to improve both bottom lines. They’ll also discuss how to get your application in fast and protect yourself from the liability present in any leasing contract.

Come get inside tips from the masters on:

  • Winning your client’s dream lease
  • Writing that next-level application to make you really stand out
  • Understanding the leasing liability and legalese every REALTOR® should know

Join us at Realty Round Up and remember to visit the “Fast Money in Leasing” panel at 2:00 p.m. in Room 5!

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