Listmakers across the country have been very kind to the Lone Star State (and Austin in particular). Recent surveys by Forbes place the capital of Texas atop a heap of coveted lists and rankings, representing successes in everything from population growth (#1) to job creation (#2). Named the #1 economy in the US in 2013 by the Austin Business Journal, Austin’s economic dynamism holds promise for all the city’s residents, but may resonate strongest with those just beginning their careers. Attracted by the city’s employment outlook and offbeat personality, Millennials are moving to Austin in droves, prompting Forbes to rank the city as the second best in the country for the cohort in 2014.

So what to make of Austin’s listmania? We’ve asked Research Economist Dr. Jim Gaines from the Texas A&M Real Estate Center to read the municipal tea leaves and give us the no-frills truth about Austin’s future. Attend the Realty Round Up trade show on October 15 to hear Gaines’ inside look at the local, state, and national economies, as well as what all this positive press means for Austin and the city’s real estate market. Come get informed about the future of Austin real estate from a seasoned expert that’s better than any crystal ball!

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